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A Call to Contentment: Pursuing Godly Satisfaction in a Restless World

A Call to Contentment: Pursuing Godly Satisfaction in a Restless World

ISBN: 9781527110991
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Why the Bible's call to contentment will bring more satisfaction than the world's desire for more - and practical steps to finding it.

While the Bible not only encourages contentment, but commands it, it can feel like a vague, fleeting, unachievable goal.

David Kaywood's helpful book begins by moulding our understanding of what it means to be content. Do you find yourself worrying, coveting, grumbling, giving way to unrighteous anger, or dwelling unhealthily on the past or the future? You might be discontent - and it might be leading you into all sorts of other sins.

He tackles three common areas of discontentment - money and possessions; pain and suffering; success and work - and digs into the reality of our desires. Ultimately, Kaywood invites readers to focus on Jesus: the God who became poor for us and suffered for us, and who calls us to work for him.

The final chapter includes eight rules for contentment. These are practical steps you can take to increase the godly satisfaction in your life. The book also includes discussion questions to guide conversations on these issues with friends.

If you are looking to live a life of contentment, start by reading this book.

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