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Are You Normal About Sex, Love, and Relationships?

Are You Normal About Sex, Love, and Relationships?

ISBN: 9780312311070
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When it comes to sex and love, how do you fit in? Are you...ahem, normal? Do you conform to the type, standard or pattern, the way MOST people do? In the bedroom--and elsewhere where we copulate--we're both entirely predictable and utterly surprising.

*Would you try to conceive without your partner's consent if you wanted a baby?
*What's sexier: suits, slacks, or jeans?
*Do you slant to the right or left when kissing?
*Have you ever lied to get a date?

Marketing guru Bernice Kanner has spent many years researching how Americans love and lust to give us the statistics to satisfy our every curiosity. People talk about sex a lot--a worry about it even more. So pull up a chair and see how you compare...
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