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Burmese Days

Burmese Days

ISBN: 9780063344365
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From one of the world's most influential writers, an evocative, morally sharp first novel that is an examination of the debasing effect of empire on occupied and occupier.

Burmese Days focuses on a handful of Englishmen who meet at the European Club to drink whisky and to alleviate the acute and unspoken loneliness of life in 1920s Burma--where Orwell himself served as a policeman--during the waning days of British imperialism.

One of the men, James Flory, a timber merchant, has grown soft, clearly comprehending the futility of England's rule. However, he lacks the fortitude to stand up for his Indian friend, Dr. Veraswami, for admittance into the whites-only club. Without membership and the accompanying prestige that would protect the doctor, the condemning and ill-founded attack by a bitter magistrate might bring an end to everything he has accomplished. Complicating matters, Flory falls unexpectedly in love with a newly arrived English girl, Elizabeth Lackersteen. Can he find the strength to do right not only by his friend, but also by his conscience?

Orwell moves between grand-scale political scheming and intimate social settings, mining his own colonial Indian roots and his personal experience seeing the "dirty work of Empire at close quarters" to create this searing work of historical fiction.

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