Keep It Shut Bible Study Guide: What to Say, How to Say It, and When to Say Nothing At All

Keep It Shut Bible Study Guide: What to Say, How to Say It, and When to Say Nothing At All

ISBN: 9780310819400
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What to say and how to say it. What not to say. When it's best to remain silent. What to do when you've said something you wish you could take back. . . In this study, you'll take a personal tour through the hows (and how-not-tos) of dealing with the tongue.

The Bible has a lot to say about the tongue and what kind of power it has. James tells us that it can corrupt the whole body and that it can't be tamed. The book of Proverbs claims that "death and life are in the power of the tongue."

This 6-session video Bible study (DVD/streaming video sold separately) is designed to offer hope for all of us who struggle with the way we've used our words and practical wisdom for getting our tongues under control. Biblical, encouraging, and kind, New York Times bestselling author Karen Ehman will help you:

  • Learn the essential practice of using our words (and our mannerisms!) more constructively.
  • Understand what God has to say about our tongues by studying verses and figures from Scripture.
  • Discern what far-reaching effects our speech has--whether it's in private, in public, online, or in prayer.
  • Gain practical insights into breaking habits of gossip, flattery, verbal retaliation, and people-pleasing.

Most of us have been affected by the heartache and injury that words can cause, not only in family relationships, but also in friendships, work, and church settings. This is your guidebook to fully realizing the power of the tongue and how to use your words in the service of truth and love.

Sessions include:

  1. Sparks, Squabbles, Spats, and Such: Our Words Matter
  2. On Filling Gaps and Zipping Lips: Listen to Others, Talk to God
  3. Opinion-Slinging and Salty Speech: Assessing Our Digital Tongues
  4. Gossip, Flattery, and People-Pleasing: How to Speak the Truth in Love
  5. Pause Before You Pounce: On Cultivating Soft Speech
  6. As Sweet as Honey: Wonderful Ways to Use Your Words

Designed for use with the Keep It Shut Video Study 9780310819417 (sold separately).

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