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UnLeadership: Make Building Relationships Your Business

UnLeadership: Make Building Relationships Your Business

ISBN: 9781394223381
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You don't know what it's like to work for you.

In UnLeadership: Make Building Relationships Your Business, a team of veteran marketers and keynote speakers delivers a focused and insightful collection of leadership lessons drawn from dozens of interviews with business leaders in finance, entertainment, tourism, and hospitality. The book includes a ton of illuminating case studies loaded with the authors' signature style of business snark that's perfect whether you're just getting started, run a one-person business, or are part of a bigger team.

The authors provide invaluable guidance to a new generation of visionaries and risk-takers, complete with:

  • Numerous interviews with recognized leaders from a variety of interviews
  • Several case studies demonstrating the real-world impact of the lessons contained within
  • An engaging style that inspires and entertains even as it educates

A fun, practical, and incisive resource to improve your business practices, UnLeadership is the perfect book for seasoned entrepreneurs, business beginners, founders, managers, executives, and other business leaders looking for the tools and strategies they need to reach their leadership goals.

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