A Royal Easter Story (The Princess Parables)

A Royal Easter Story (The Princess Parables)

ISBN: 9780310748700
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Is your child a fan of princesses and fairy tales? Join princesses Joy, Grace, Faith, Charity, and Hope in this Easter adventure story in the Princess Parable series, where the sisters meet five young knights. As the princesses journey through a scary storm toward their Easter feast, young readers ages 4-8 will learn that we can always trust in God, no matter what.

In A Royal Easter Story, princesses Joy, Grace, Faith, Charity, and Hope are busy with preparations for the annual Easter celebration. Then in ride five new friends: young knights who are as spirited as the princesses. A challenge is presented, and the princesses and knights decide to race to the neighboring village where the annual Easter celebration and feast will be held. Along the way, the princesses must weather a scary storm and rescue another new friend. But in the end the lesson is clear ... trust in the Lord and his love and you can overcome any obstacle.

The Royal Easter Story:

  • Includes beautiful full-color illustrations
  • Is based on the Scripture found in Luke 11:9-13
  • Has a front cover featuring lots of holiday glitter
  • Includes five brave knights as part of the action, making it ideal for girls and boys who love castles and fairy tale adventures

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