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Apocalpyse Array

Apocalpyse Array

ISBN: 9781913892616
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The Fallen Angel

At long last, Sammael Morningstar has unleashed Armageddon on an unsuspecting world. Unfortunately for the ego of the Prince of Darkness, all the glory belongs to his wife...

The Bride of Satan

Monsignor Emmaline McNaughten has achieved the impossible-brought peace between Jews and Arabs after the destruction of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Now, her gospel is spreading, inspiring secularism in a populace once devoted to theocratic worship, and fulfilling her role of the Antichrist...

The Blessed Daughter

Amariah isn't your typical teenager. Her mother's a legend in cybernetic and law enforcement communities. Her father is the Archangel Michael. Amariah herself just may be the next messiah. And now she's just made some powerful enemies...

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