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Between Heaven and Hell: The Story of My Stroke

Between Heaven and Hell: The Story of My Stroke

ISBN: 9781452183336
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Acclaimed writer, bestselling author, and founder of Salon magazine, David Talbot has brought us masterful and explosive headline-breaking stories for over 25 years with books like the New York Times bestsellers Brothers, The Devil's Chessboard, and nationally recognized Season of the Witch. Now for the first time, journalist and historian David Talbot turns inward in this intimate journey through the life-changing year following his stroke, a year that turned his life upside down, and ultimately, saved him.

- A portrait of how a health crisis can truly shift one's perspective on life and purpose
- Includes insider stories on the wild early days of Internet journalism, tech culture, and Hollywood
- Powerful storytelling of the physical, emotional, and psychological impact a stroke has had on the author's identity

Fans of My Stroke of Insight, The Devil's Chessboard and Season of the Witch will love this book.

This book is perfect for:
- Fans of David Talbot
- Anyone dealing with or recovering from health issues (particularly stroke or brain injury) and looking for insight and inspiration
- Gen Xers and baby boomers who understand their risk for stroke
- Entrepreneurs scared of burnout
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