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! - - Girlpower - Be Confident! (Arabic Edition)

! - - Girlpower - Be Confident! (Arabic Edition)

ISBN: 9781088284360
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"Girlpower: Be Confident!" is the journey of four friends as they learn to tackle everyday problems and barriers, at school, work, public spaces, or even at home. Read about Meira, Ritu, Saina, and Taru - as they learn to reach their highest physical, intellectual, and social potential, using their "GIRLPOWER"!

The entertaining comic illustrations, engaging social stories, and recommendations for discussion and practice address a wide range of personal safety issues with skills for teens and adults in simple, clear, and memorable language.

Teen girls and women often have to deal with the crippling effects of peer pressure, bullying, harassment, violence, and abuse, which can have a severe effect on their health, social, and academic skill development. This can have a severe effect on their health and their social and academic skill development.

We aim to equip teenage girls and women with knowledge, skills, attitudes, and experiences to keep themselves emotionally and physically safe; help forge new patterns in social interaction; promote healthy life styles and choices; and overcome other barriers in reaching their highest social, physical, and intellectual potential by building their boundary-setting, self-advocacy, and positive peer interaction skills in a way that is effective, not fear-based, positive, and fun.

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