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Leo the Lazy Lizard (Shankman & O'Neill)

Leo the Lazy Lizard (Shankman & O'Neill)

ISBN: 9781467197496
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From the dynamic duo behind The Lake I Love and I Met a Moose in Maine One Day comes a moving and unforgettable tail of mindfulness, friendship, and discovering the magic of letting yourself just be . . .

Leo the lizard spends his days relaxing in the desert sand, gazing at the sky, and basking in the sun. The other desert animals think Leo is lazy, but the roadrunner isn't so sure . . . could it be that Leo has learned something the others have not? Perhaps there is more to this lazy-looking lizard than truly meets the eye?

With its playfully melodic rhymes and stunning desert illustrations, Leo the Lazy Lizard invites readers of all ages to discover the beauty of quiet moments--to smell every scent, feel every breeze, and love how they feel 'cause they feel so at ease! A true celebration of mindfulness, connection, and learning to appreciate the things that make us all so wonderfully unique, Leo the Lazy Lizard will delight families for generations to come!

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