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Max in the House of Spies: A Tale of World War II (Operation Kinderspion)

Max in the House of Spies: A Tale of World War II (Operation Kinderspion)

ISBN: 9780593112083
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A World War II story as only acclaimed storyteller Adam Gidwitz can tell it. Fast-paced, clever, and filled with heart, riveting historical fiction about a Kindertransport refugee from the Newbery Honor-winning author of The Inquisitor's Tale and A Tale Dark & Grimm.

There was once a boy who had two invisible, immortal creatures living on his shoulders. This was the fourth most interesting thing about him.

The first most interesting thing about Max--that was his name--was that he was a genius. He could make a working radio from the junk at the bottom of a trash can.

The second most interesting thing about Max was that, when he was eleven years old, his parents sent him away from Germany, where he was born and grew up, to England. All by himself. Even though he'd never been there, didn't know anyone there, and barely spoke any English.

The third most interesting thing about this boy is . . . well, I can't tell you yet. But it has something to do with spies.

Sent away to London, Max Bretzfeld discovers he's been joined by two unexpected traveling companions--a dybbuk named Stein and a kobold named Berg--one on each shoulder. Max knows Berlin is becoming more and more dangerous for Jewish families, but he is determined to find a way back home, and back to his parents. He just didn't expect to return as a British spy.
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