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The Illuminated Omer Counting Book Sephardic Edition

The Illuminated Omer Counting Book Sephardic Edition

ISBN: 9798886650075
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NOTE: This is NOT a coloring book, or a daily journal. It is a religious book intended to enhance your observance of the Counting of the Omer.

Sephardic Jews will love this artistic, full color, Omer counting book. The artwork is original and done in the Sephardic style, and the wording follows the Sephardic tradition. Enhance your Omer counting experience by displaying this beautiful book on a bookstand (not included) in your home or office. Just turn the page each day during the counting of the Omer.

On the left hand page for each day you will see the number of the day, the Hebrew date, and the full descriptive count in weeks and days in both English and Hebrew. The special days of Lag LaOmer (Day 33) and Lad LaOmer (Day 34) are indicated accordingly.

On the right hand page for each day, you will see colorful, hand-drawn Hebrew letters that represent the numeric value of the day, and are large enough to be seen clearly from across the room.

A wonderful book for your own use, or as a gift for a Sephardic Jewish relative or friend.

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